Promoting your Qutee

Sharing and promotion

Sharing your Qutee actuates your engagement. Waiting for people to talk to you doesn’t make conversation happen. Seek out your community, invite them to share their perspectives and opinions. Active engagement cultivates rapport and the greater the volume of discussion you have directly turns into more topics and sentiments you can quickly analyze with the Insights Report.

Let’s look further into how you can share your Qutee:

Social media

Utilizing your established networks of audience communication is the optimal way to stimulate your conversation. Rallying your customers, fans, and critics to voice their opinions through outreach shows you to be approachable and proactive problem solvers.


Deciding on the specific wording and choice of images for your outreach can be an intensive task if marketing and copywriting are not in your skillset. If desired Qutee can simplify this process for you with fast turn around production of media assets ready for use in promoting your Qutee.

Custom assets by Qutee

Graphical presentation of data makes interpretation and comprehension easier for those without prior experience. Qutee can assist with the rapid creation of infographics from your data if your feedback is time sensitive. Pain points cost profit and reputation when left unaddressed.


Qutee Embeds will present your title, headline and cover photo. Sharing your link tracking enabled URL will display across the range of common social media platforms. Qutee has been designed to easily interface with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Direct engagement


Direct communication through email is still highly effective in modern marketing. With your existing mailing lists you can easily reach numbers of persons already familiar with you product making them more likely to hold an in-depth opinion.

Email hold a second great advantage in that with the right email subject drawing their attention, once open enables you to make use of a large volume of the onscreen real estate to make your case for them to come share.


The established following of influencers is a potent line of outreach. With an engagement plan predetermined to run for a duration you can collect quantitative concise data with a simple setup and fast turn around to your results.

Do you have established influencers you already work with to engage your customers or community? The Qutee team has induction guides and courses to enable your team to quickly enable and run your discussion.

Are you interested in hiring Qutee to employ our own influencers/streamers? Not only has Qutee built relationships with a number of outside social media agents who understand the value of the Qutee engine and how to engage their communities but we have also designed a process for identifying, contacting and onboarding new topic relevant influencers and streamers to help generate buzz for your conversation.

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