Insight reports

The insights report is Qutee’s powerhouse analysis tool. Run off Qutee’s proprietary NLP AI, your conversation analysis can be ready in seconds, to give you the cream off the top without having to parse through the raw results yourself.


This provides the top level of statistics of the Qutee. A brief breakdown of the author, visitor count, Qutee score (showing enthusiasm for the conversation), Polls, comments, and unique topic values.

Overall Qutee Score

The Qutee Score is the measure of participant enthusiasm for the discussion of your conversations topic.


The Sentiment Histogram is a graphical display of the Qutee score using bars of different heights to show what quantities of users rated the Qutee’s topic and conversation.

Highlighted comments by tag

These comments are a quick glance at a comment in each tag category, these are chosen by the engine based off the quantity of topics mentioned and likes/dislikes.


The Insights report contains a presented arrangement of the polls used in the Qutee in a simple to read view.

Conversation analysis

The power of the Qutee engine lies in its process to sort topics and sentiment into usable statistics that accurately represent their quantities within the discussion. Here is shown the individual breakdown of the top topic and sentiments written in the discussion and where they were used.

Representative Comments

A deeper look into the comments that show the detail of the conversation in the comments Starred by the Author

Popular comments

The most Liked comments in the conversation will be show here. Longer comments will be shorted with ellipses however a link to the full comment follows.

Comment drilldown

Community Leaders are audience members with the highest Q Cred. Biggest Fans have the highest Qutee Rating and the most applicable tag. Most Active Users have the most interactions. Watchlist Users have a low Qutee Rating and applicable tag

Starred comments

This shows the comments chosen by the Qutee author to be of quality or important content that is presented first in the Qutee page.  A snippet of the user is shown on the left with an excerpt from the comment & a permalink to the comment on the qutee page where you can read the full detail.

Net enthusiasm score

Net Enthusiasm Score is a measure of how well excited your users are about your Qutee. Your users fall into the following segments based on the Qutee Rating they leave. Not all Qutee Ratings have equal weight: the closer the rating is to Strong Dislike or Strong Like, the more impact it has on your brand, and therefore your NES

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