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Engage your supporters and empower campaigns with insight!


Qutee allows you to start a live conversation with your community and collect thousands of comments and polls, all analyzed and available in a comprehensive report.

Qutee vs. Facebook/Twitter/Forums

  • Intelligent analytics powered comments system.
  • Audience can browse thousands of comments by intelligent filters.
  • Collect comments and polls, all analyzed in real-time.
  • Download and share your insights report for each Qutee discussion.

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How Qutee Empowers Your Cause

Smart Discussion

Provide the only analytics powered commenting experience online.

Capture Insights

Capture community thoughts and sentiment in the now.

PR and Share

Archive and PR the wisdom of the community via Qutee Insights Reports.

Dominate the Debate

Become the place for smart discussion within your global community.

Qutee Social Asking

The smart and easy way.

The conversational research platform powered by AI analytics.

Use Cases
The Product

Qutee lets you have live conversations with the audiences that matter most to you while capturing additional poll and NPS feedback.

Using AI analytics, our platform analyzes the discussion, then creates a report from all the opinions and interactions in seconds, helping you identify key trends and representative comments across the most important topics

The Result

The more you understand your customers, social audiences and employees, the better products, companies, and experiences you can create.

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