Running your engagement

A Qutee suits being maintained for a duration and once concluded your audience relationship has developed through your improved awareness of where their perspectives stand and them having seen you reach out… Simply taking your data and moving forward is an inefficient use of the opportunity for continued engagement. A good way to conclude your active attention in a Qutee is to have run a competition for the most insightful comment and chose a date to announce the winner. this could coincide with a follow up with a fresh qutee for comparison of data sets, or a youtube video to give thanks, feedback and perhaps a partial insight into your results.

Pinned comments

Pinning a comment holds it at the top of your Qutee page. It becomes the first item in reading order after the Qutee title and your headline. This is an excellent space to hold important information pertaining to the discussion such as articles,media links, or videos. You can change which comments you hold pinned over the course your engagement too to keep fresh information present.

Only pinning one comment at a time avoids obfuscating information you want presented first. Secondary information can be brought forward as starred comments.

Giveaways and Incentivization are also great Items to pin, rewarding your audience for the most insightful comments through membership reward points, gift cards, or larger prizes can entice your audience to contribute more meaningful feedback.

Pinned comments appear with a purple border.

Understanding and using your comment filters

Scan through the filters to understand the shape of the conversation as your audience shares their sentiments

Responding to comments

Conscious use of tone guides the way in which your piece of text is received as it is read and for the most part shapes the nature of the response. If the correct use of words is showing the reader your care for their opinion increasing the likelihood they expand upon their opinion.

Starring comments

Starring comments brings them to the top of the Qutee comments. This is a useful way to present your secondary important information at the forefront without getting in the way of your Pinned comments by noting them with a yellow border vs the Pinned comments’ purple.

Hosting competitions

Customers and audience respond well to incentivization. Offering a prize for the most insightful comments is an excellent way to get your audience sharing in-depth thoughts.

Archiving and replacing polls

Once your Qutee is launched you may decide your polls may no longer best suit the environment that is your page. Polls can easily be archived and replaced or bought back into visibility for audience to vote on.

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