Have you ever found yourself scrolling endlessly through comments on Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter, becoming more overwhelmed with the idea of making sense of it all? Trying to find the comment you left a few hours ago or searching for the insightful ones? 

And what about your audience? Engagement is not maximised as they can’t find the topics and people that interest them within hundreds and thousands of comments without endlessly scrolling.

Qutee solves this legacy issue by analysing and indexing every comment from the discussion via key topics and sentiments. This provides an accurate way for users to filter through conversations containing thousands of comments in just a few clicks, resulting in a more productive and rewarding conversational experience for consumers. 

Users are respecting the value Qutee is now bringing to discussions and acting accordingly as frequently we see discussions that are dominated by paragraph length comments.  The same influencer led audience is leaving just single line responses on Youtube. 

“Qutee is doing to comments what Google did for search.” Influencer Oakelfish 500K followers

“Qutee’s filters allow me to quickly navigate through suggestions from my audience, enabling me to not only create content they enjoy but increase overall engagement with my viewers!”
-Influencer Lionheartx10 340K followers 

“The comments and polls we collected on the game FIFA within 24 hours of the game’s launch were spectacular. Previously I had tens of thousands of comments providing no insight. Now I have amazing knowledge and insight on my audience.” -Influencer CapgunTom 1.2M subs

Plus with over 160K comments on site, we have deleted less than 100 for abusive behaviour. 

What does this mean for you? 

Qutee’s user-friendly experience allows you to collect thousands of comments, polls and NPS without the need to force your audience into a survey while providing time and money-saving comprehensive insights reports on every conversation, something no other social platform can provide. 

Create and share a Qutee with your audience in minutes and sit back and get ready to download your insights report; it is that easy! 

Watch the video below and contact us for a free pilot trial.