Empowering Passionate Gamers and
Collaborative Ideation

Engaging players and collecting accurate qualitative insights via social media platforms such as YouTube and Reddit is just not possible; meanwhile, surveys are austere in feel and alien to most gamers’ online social experience, resulting in low participation rates and paper-thin feedback.

Qutee, on the other hand, provides an intelligent social commenting and polling experience for players, as well as the most advanced qualitative insights for developers. 

The result? High participation rates, paragraph length feedback and a place where the industry’s most passionate players can share their insight and knowledge with developers.

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Creating an Insights Community 

Every discussion on current social media platforms generally disappears below the fold, leaving all the comments unread, unengaged, and essentially drowning under the rest. In gaming forums as well, players are reduced to scrolling through thousands of comments in the bleak hope they may find the person or topic that interests them–the nadir of intelligent engagement.

Luckily, there’s now a solution for this! Using Qutee, you can create a community experience that’s above and beyond any other platform because of the NLP comment filters, allowing players to filter and search for topics, interests, and people within tens of thousands of comments.

At the same time, you can also collect qualitative insights on a quantitative scale for essential updates, bugs, and features–all summarized and reported in real-time.

Qutee vs Social Listening Sentiment Analysis 

Qutee utilizes an augmented NLP approach that overcomes all these associated issues providing gaming companies with the accuracy and resiliency required to inform development and marketing teams.

White Label 

We can now also offer our Social Asking white label version of Qutee that can be integrated within your existing forums and website, as well as an API for your developers.

These both come with full analytics and reports.

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