As GDPR and CCPA bite, valuable consumer data is becoming ever more scarce.

For marketers today, one of the key issues is building and nurturing trustworthy consumer relationships. As consumer awareness around 3rd party data collection and use comes ever increasingly to the fore, the relationship between the brand and consumer has to develop into something far more collaborative and transparent in nature.

The Trend?

As  GDPR and CPP kick in and products like the new privacy-focused Safari browser launch, relying on third-party data sets to drive research and marketing will become progressively more fraught.

Zero Party Data > Cookies

“While first-party data is at the top of the agenda for marketers in 2021, the report also points to the need for marketers to increase the acquisition of zero-party data which is “intentionally and proactively” shared by consumers with a company.”

Merkle’s 2021 Customer Engagement Report

What is Zero Party Data?

Information that a customer freely provides to a company equates to Zero party data. A customer explicitly provides it, and It’s not inferred from their behavior on-site or elsewhere.

Answers to such questions would be good examples, 

“How can we improve our website experience?” 

“What features would you most like to see in this year’s game release?”

“Tell us more about you and your post pandemic holiday plans.”

By using imaginative questions that drive in-depth responses we can collect Zero Party qualitative insights on a quantitative scale.

This is knowledge and information that the consumer wants to pass on to the brand, but the brand needs to be transparent and open to drive and foster this honest collaboration.

The GreenBook “Suppliers Will Pay More Attention to Data Quality”

 “Data scarcity grows, endangering high-quality data, and elevating its importance.”

Gary S. Laben, Chief Executive Officer of Dynata

Qutee: The Zero Party Platform

 Qutee has been designed from the outset as a Zero Party data collection platform. Over 160K comments and 400K poll results collected so far, with the average comment length over five times that of YouTube.

Next Gen features encourage consumers to express their voice and allow brands to engage them in a more community spirit.

  • Social experience means high participation rates.
  • Collect 1000’s of comments, polls and NPS.
  • Augmented NLP is superior to traditional sentiment analysis.
  • AI automated reporting saves weeks of time and money.
  • Create super-sized Zero Party Panels within hours via your social / CRM / Influencer audiences.

“Zero-party data is here, today — and it’s only becoming more prevalent. Consumer demand for a more transparent and secure user experience is on the rise, while expectations for extremely personalized experiences are growing ever higher.”

Harvard Business Review