“Using Qutee, I increased my views for the following month by 100%


615,000 Subscribers

Power up your comments

Get your audience insights report and grow your channel!

Power up your comments

Get your audience insights report and grow your channel!

What if you really knew and understood your audience?

What if you knew what content they would like to see?

What if you knew what they most liked about you as an influencer?

Use your valuable viewer comments to find out what your audience really wants

Stop wasting time trawling through endless unorganized comments on YouTube

Increase your views, subs and audience engagement levels

Get set up in minutes and for free

Join leading influencers and be part of the comments revolution…

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So, What is Qutee?

Qutee is a completely new way of managing the comments you get from your audience, giving you the power to learn exactly what they want and create the most engaging, viewable content you’ve ever made.


Create a Qutee page for any topic you like – you could run a Qutee for every video or stream, or focus on specific topics, events or questions you have.

Add Content

Add questions, video, images, links and polls to your page to get your audience talking.


Share the link via your channel and tell your audience about it in your videos and streams.


Collect your Qutees together in your own personal hub and never have to scroll through thousands of comments again.


Sit back and watch the comments roll in while you get all the analysis you’ll ever need via our dashboard and auto-generated report.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what influencers who are already using Qutee have to say about their results…

More insightful comments than YouTube

Phy, 615,000 Followers

“Thanks to the Qutee filters and dashboard, I know more about my audience than any other League of Legends vlogger–helping me create stronger YouTube content, increase my views by over 100% and collect unprecedented data on LoL updates and game developments.”

Real-time audience insight

CapgunTom, 1,200,000 Followers

“The data we collected on FIFA 18 within 24 hours of the game’s launch was spectacular. Previously I had tens of thousands of comments providing no insight. Now I have amazing knowledge and data on my audience.”

Better community experience

Lionheart10x, 320,000 Followers

“I started by creating two Qutee discussions to look at ‘Good vs Bad’ in both games and received over 1200 comments, most of them incredibly detailed. I was blown away by the results. Using Qutee’s analysis tools, I was able to mine the rich seam of information to discover what Total War fans really think of the first two Warhammer games – and what they’d like to see in future versions.”

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