Social Asking:

Collect industrial-scale gamer feedback within hours via passionate social, CRM, and influencer audiences.

Automated analysis and reporting!

Qutee allows you to start a live conversation with your gamers and collect thousands of comments and polls, all analyzed and available in a comprehensive insights report!

Qutee vs. Social Media/Surveys/Social Listening

  • AI analysis provides comprehensive, resilient, and operational qualitative insights and reports.
  • High participation rates and gamer friendly.
  • Qualitative insights for all teams.
  • Create an on-going player panel in the tens of thousands.
  • Intelligent commenting experience for gamers.

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The Core Ways We Help You

Smart Discussion

Qutee has collected over 160K in-depth gamer comments! Gamers love the Qutee comment filters and experience.

Capture Insights

Capture gamer insights around game mechanics in the now!

Say Goodbye to Pray & Push

Collect in-depth qualitative insights within hours and take away the dread of your next release or update.

Strengthen Player Relations

Empower the gamer voice by acknowledging their insight. Empower all teams to empathize with the gamer.

Passionate & Truthful Insight for All Teams


Test and Create products that consumers love and promote. Collect operationally relevant consumer insights from day one through the life cycle of the product.


Research your social / CRM and influencer audiences in the same day, and build a panel of your most passionate advocates.

Insights & Research

Go beyond social listening and collect more qualitative insights on an industrial scale while creating a panel of passionate fans you can engage and product research free of the restrictions of social media.

Competitor Analysis

Utilize influencer audiences via Qutee to collect competitor insights within hours.

Qutee Social Asking

The smart and easy way to research.

The conversational research platform powered by AI analytics.

Don’t Take Our Word for It…

"Using Qutee to ask my audience for content ideas, I increased my views by 100%!"


635,000 Subscribers

"The data we collected on FIFA 18 within 24 hours of the game’s launch was spectacular. Previously I had tens of thousands of comments providing no insight. Now I have amazing knowledge and data on my audience."


1,200,000 Subscribers

"Thanks to Qutee's insight report, I know what my audience likes about my channel."


270,000 Subscribers

"Qutee's filters allow me to quickly navigate through suggestions from my audience, enabling me to not only create content they enjoy, but increase overall engagement with my viewers!"


330,000 Subscribers

"There is no need to waste time scrolling through comments... Qutee is doing to comments what Google did to 'search'!"


516,000 Subscribers
Use Cases
The Product

Qutee lets you have live conversations with the audiences that matter most to you while capturing additional poll and NPS feedback.

Using AI analytics, our platform analyzes the discussion, then creates a report from all the opinions and interactions in seconds, helping you identify key trends and representative comments across the most important topics

The Result

The more you understand your customers, social audiences and employees, the better products, companies, and experiences you can create.

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