• September 18, 2018
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In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving digital ecosystem, it’s becoming more and more critical for companies to get up-to-the-minute insight into their audiences’ real-time thoughts and views. In theory this shouldn’t be that difficult to achieve – after all, millions of comments are posted throughout the web on many sites and platforms each day.

Comments can be extremely useful and telling for a company. Organizations can gain rich insights into what they are doing well, what their consumers value or disapprove of, and what they need to improve upon, change or scrap altogether.

Knowing your audiences’ passion points can not only improve a company’s offerings but also alter how they approach communications and audience engagement around those offerings.

The problem is the plethora of inadequate and archaic comment systems online – sites that drown intelligent discussion within a mass of disorganized, meaningless noise, leaving companies faced with the challenge of sorting through reams of irrelevance to identify genuine useful nuggets of feedback. Combine this overarching issue with the lack of easy-to-access insights and data from these comments platforms – the sort of data that might fast-track companies’ understanding of consumer sentiment or passion points – and it’s easy to see why many organizations view online discussions as more problematic than helpful. Companies simply cannot keep up with the amount of online discourse pertaining to them, nevermind assessing each comment to determine its value to the organization.

However, what may seem overwhelming at first can, in fact, be totally manageable – if we analyze, organize and archive comments and provide the right tools for the public and companies, intelligent comment filters and analytics dashboards, to drive more valuable discussion and insights.

At Qutee this has been our focus area for the past few years. We’ve worked hard to build a comment and discussion solution for the masses, and we’ve taken steps to make sure that the data and insight behind the comments are made available to all.

We aim to enable brands to engage with their digital communities in an organized and meaningful way, for example, giving them the ability to search comments on our platform by keyword or drill into discussions via theme. Critically, at the same time, we ensure that all comments are considered equally and let the community itself rate the quality of the discussion, giving brands a clear view of what their audience deems most useful. No longer is it just the most colourful (often unconstructively critical) comments from the noisiest commentators that get noticed by the brand, but all consumers who have something to say can be heard.

Our platform aims to combine intelligent discussion with data-driven conversational insights to ensure every opinion is accounted for. Learn more about our capabilities and use cases at learn.qutee.com

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