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It is easier than ever before to capture passion point users that want to provide your business with granular insights,  crucial data and opinions. Qutee can provide you access to a variety of influencers and their audiences as part of their unique methodology that achieves sky high engagement while collecting unprecedented amounts of quantitative and qualitative data.  The insights reports provided bring clarity and simplicity to complex feedback.  

You Will Receive:

  1. Expert guides that craft a “social asking” engagement that targets gaps in your existing data and insights.
  2. Access to Qutee’s influencer partners and their passion-point audiences.
  3. Qutee’s advanced AI automated reporting.

You Will Need:


Qutee provides the platform, audiences and insights your business needs.  This no obligation free trial is a must for anyone currently involved in social listening, research or business insights.

Don’t just listen, Social Ask your audience on Qutee.

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Nina Hampson

UK retail analytics thought leader

Elizabeth Linder

Ex Head of Politics EMEA Facebook

“The combination of a user friendly social UI, dashboard and real-time insight reports is the future of consumer engagement & research.”

“Qutee has ushered in a new era of digital engagement.”

In minutes, create and share a Qutee and collect thousands of comments, poll and net promoter scores; create an industrial scale focus group and continue to research that audience in real time.

“Only 2% of brands are including influencers in research and innovation: a massive missed opportunity.”

*Onalytica & Smart Insights Report

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Qutee data influencers are already transforming consumer research:

  • Qutee influencers identified critical issues with the billion-dollar FIFA 18 game within 48 hours of launch – all reflected with a 14% drop in sales year on year.
  • Influencer data stories have empowered the gaming community voice, generating global media coverage.
  • Gaming influencers are successfully using Qutee to gain vital insights from their audiences and grow their channels.

Join Qutee CEO, Tim Wilson, in a weekly webinar discussing Qutee and Social Asking.
Every Tuesday at 9AM EST

Gaming Today Use Case Study

Global gaming influencers curated a data-fueled debate among avid gamers, revealing a rich, divers, and at times, contentious picture of how gamer really feel about the gaming industry today. Learn More

Qutee Use Case Studies

Read about Qutee’s successful case studies. Learn More

So, What is Qutee?

Qutee is a self-serve discussion and research platform, designed to improve the way comments and discussions work online and provide highly valuable conversational research insights to agencies and brands.


Create a Qutee page for any topic you like – you could run a Qutee for a product, event, or question you want to ask your audience.

Add Content

Add questions, video, images, links and polls to your page to get your audience engaged.


Share the link via your normal social channels, embed directly on your site or in your app, or use our influencer network to drive traffic to your Qutees.

Collect and Analyze

Gather thousands of detailed, insight-rich comments, polls and net promoter scores all analyzed in real time.


Create compelling reports and newsworthy data stories via our analytics dashboard and auto-generated reports. Gain access to detailed enterprise-level reporting and insights produced by our analysts.

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