Social media held so much promise for the rich meaningful conversation that would bridge an important gap in human connectivity that existed in the pre-Internet world. For brands, there was finally an opportunity to ‘meet’ the customer via the social realm, almost as you would in a store, and the promise of this two-way communication channel was vast.

From the informal chats within families and communities to those started by brands wishing to better understand their customers — any platform that facilitated ‘social’ engagement was regarded as the future…the future of community, of advertising, of politics, etc.

But all good things do seem to come to an end and, as we saw even just with recent elections around the world; dark money, bots, and false and misleading content began to pervade these networks giving rise to anxiety and hate.

For marketers hoping to acquire customers and insights, the cost, challenges, and inauthenticity of social media has been a disappointment. It’s not all doom and gloom–here on LinkedIn there is meaningful conversation to be had–but can you analyze and come away with learnings and a call-to-action?

When we started Qutee, a social comments and polling platform powered by AI Analytics (we call it a ‘Social Asking’ platform), we knew we wanted technology that would transform the experience of online consumer conversation for the better and supply richer real-time insights for brands than social media, surveys, and social listening can currently provide.

The combination of a proprietary comments system that allows:

1. Users to filter discussions instead of endlessly scrolling thru comments

2. User-friendly AI analytics dashboard

3. Downloadable quantitative and qualitative insights report

smashes away all the existing problems associated with consumer engagement and insights.

Now you are in control, not social media, with the ability to create super-sized focus groups via your existing social and consumer audiences within minutes and collect industrial-scale sentiment insight.

Qutee is also a powerful way for anyone to state (and open up to debate) a thought or position. A politician, for instance, has the ability to say ‘here is what I believe’ on Qutee as a starting point for discussion; this is powerful, and it’s not because they are ‘speaking the truth’, or ‘are always right’, but instead, they can make a clear statement and open it up for comment and discussion. Then our powerful AI analytics capability allows users to learn from the discussion in a very specific and granular way.

We think that what is ‘social’ will continue to evolve and change. We hear too frequently that the age of social engagement is over and that Facebook or Twitter are no longer serving a purpose for marketers. Instead, we want to suggest that out of this come something new and better. So we’d love to hear what you think and check out what we are doing with Qutee.