Rogue One: A Qutee Favorite

How Rogue One Won us Over

It’s been over a month since ?Rogue One was released into theaters, and Disney must be very pleased with how it’s performing. It has pulled in over $1 billion worldwide, only the 28th film ever to do so. It’s also been pretty big here on Qutee. Here are some of its numbers.

Hot topic: Our Commentators Weigh In

The 63% Q-rating on ?Star Wars: Rogue One sums up our commentators’ views. They are generally keen on the film, but with some caveats. Craig Smith concluded that he ‘enjoyed the film’, but argued that ‘the story telling and script let it down’. Likewise, Mark Farrell ‘loved it’, but added that ‘it’s really just filling in gaps.’

Poll Finding: Reboots are Fine by Us

Rogue One is, of course, the second Star Wars film under Disney’s stewardship, after ?Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s also the latest example of the trend for reboots that has encompassed everything from James Bond to Planet of the Apes. Our commentators appear to be cool with this. According to the poll on ?Star Wars: Rogue One, 67% say that reboots haven’t gone too far.

Q’s Compared: The Star Wars Saga

So, which is the best Star Wars film? The argument will never be settled, but the Q-ratings speak volumes. Rogue One is currently the fifth best-regarded film of the eight released so far, ahead of each film of the prequel trilogy, but quite a way behind the 89% rating on ?Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Now we wait to find out where ?Star Wars: The Last Jedi fits in.

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