What if you could turn your social and consumer audience into a community of super-sized passionate focus groups, free of the control and walled gardens of social media, providing industrial-scale insights summarized within auto-generated reports?

Using Qutee, you can…

  1. Collect in-depth actionable insights gathered from authentic customer feedback on products and/or services without driving your community through another lengthy and anti-social survey.
  2. Save weeks of analysis by simply downloading a detailed quantitative and qualitative insights report.
  3. Provide your audience with the most compelling and intelligent commenting experience, where there is no need to waste time endlessly scrolling through comments.

This is what we call Social Asking, and on Qutee all of this is possible within minutes of sign-up!

Qutee is a comment and polling platform powered by AI analytics, and using it gives you the ability to create a super-sized focus group within hours, ask open-ended questions, collect further feedback via polls and NPS (Net Promoter Score), and understand thousands of opinions in real-time all within a user-friendly, social experience.

In part three of our six-part series, we will be discussing the issues with collecting consumer insights via traditional platforms and the reinvention of question-based consumer research.