Don’t take our word for it – here’s what influencers who are already using Qutee have to say about their results…

“Using Qutee to ask my audience for content ideas, I increased my views by 100%!


635,000 Subscribers

“The data we collected on FIFA 18 within 24 hours of the game’s launch was spectacular. Previously I had tens of thousands of comments providing no insight. Now I have amazing knowledge and data on my audience.”


1,200,000 Subscribers

“Thanks to Qutee’s insight report, I know what my audience likes about my channel.”


270,000 Subscribers

“Qutee’s filters allow me to quickly navigate through suggestions from my audience, enabling me to not only create content they enjoy, but increase overall engagement with my viewers!”


330,000 Subscribers

“There is no need to waste time scrolling through comments… Qutee is doing to comments what Google did to ‘search’!”


516,000 Subscribers

The Social Asking Interface

Qutee is an interactive platform that helps you build a social audience online and garner thousands of analyzed comments, polls, and ratings in minutes.

Rich Conversations and Insights

Respondents can view and filter thousands of comments with a click, as well as respond directly to each other’s answers.

These features create a richness in the data, as users tend to write more and often highlight issues that can be hidden or forgotten by more traditional market research methods.

Real-time Analysis and Reporting

The research is converted immediately into actionable insights and reports using cutting-edge NPL (natural language programming) – and is updated continuously as more data points are gathered – meaning that you have the most up-to-date information available to you at all times.

Produce Media Friendly Data Stories

Use the data and insights to create reports that get attention. The Qutee “Gaming Today” data story consisting of 1900 analyzed gamer comments and 10k poll results generated over 160 pieces of global media coverage. Become the data leader in your world!


> Download global report now.

> Also, see the accompanying report on the personal and social impacts of gaming.

Bring the Power of Qutee to Your Site

Embed a Qutee on your website within minutes and make it the center of all consumer research and take back control from Social Media.Gather detailed, insight-rich comments, analysed in real time and easily filtered with a single click.

>Learn more about our embeds here.

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