Qutee as a Conversational Research Tool

In minutes, create and share a Qutee and collect thousands of comments, poll, and net promoter scores, all analyzed in real-time via the downloadable insights report & analytics dashboard.

What kinds of research can I do with Qutee?

Qutee is particularly useful for rapid, exploratory, qualitative or qual/quant-combined conversational research work, providing a short or long-form asynchronous data-collection method that can be a useful substitute for focus groups, social listening and some types of survey or interview.

The Natural Language Processing automatically carries out a form of content analysis, ‘in-vivo’ coding every comment for frequency and salience of word and phrase use, and identifying connections between topics and themes.

The NLP is supported by tagged user comments adding meta sentiment data. This overcomes the issue of inaccuracy with sentiment analysis. At the same time, each Qutee page contains the Q Score (similar to a Net Promoter Score) and additional polls.

Qutee is best used as:

  • A social research tool.
  • An alternative to focus groups or simple surveys.
  • A fast, exploratory-research method.
  • A way of gathering insight-rich narrative responses, especially from expert users, or those with direct experience of an issue/product.

Create, share, collect comments and download your detailed auto-generated report. It’s that easy!

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