Gaming influencers use Qutee to gain vital insights and grow their audiences

Qutee is being used by an increasing number of high profile gaming influencers as a better way to manage their comments, understand their audience and increase engagement, follower numbers and view stats.

Qutee influencers, like all others, crave more insight into their audiences. Whether that’s understanding what content their audience wants to see, what demographic categories they are in, or wanting to spot the trends and sentiment around their game, influencers have the power to build a stronger relationship with their audience when they know more about them.  

For example, Phy, who has over 600k subs on Youtube, ran a 4K comment discussion on Qutee that helped him understand what level his audience are at in their gameplay, and what they wanted to see more of, helping him adapt his content and increase his view stats to unprecedented levels. 

How Qutee influencers identified critical issues with the billion-dollar FIFA 18 game within 48 hours of launch – all reflected with a 14% drop in sales year on year.

Advanced wide-scale product insight, captured in real-time.


Youtube FIFA 18 influencers Capguntom, Homlespenguin and Oaklefish collected over 1800 comments and 2500 poll results on FIFA 18 from their FIFA 18 gamer community in less than 48 hours after the game’s launch.


Thanks to Qutee’s unique Natural Language Processing, comment sentiment tags, and polls the analysis was fully automated, and we could track the results with accuracy, in real time.


This piece of rapid, real-time market research at scale identified key issues with a billion dollar game within two days of launch, including significant concerns about defenders, goalkeepers and the product’s in-pack purchase.


Subsequent Qutee engagements with the same community highlighted further frustrations with the product, and continue to highlight issues with the game in the run up to the FIFA 19 launch.

Qutee data stories empower the gaming community, generating global media coverage

Data democracy is about recognising the true value that gamers bring to the gaming industry. It’s not just a financial outlay with a gaming title, publisher, console, or platform – what gamers crave in return is a stake in the industry conversation, it’s essential that gamers’ voices are acknowledged.

For example, two of Qutee’s influencer-led ‘Gaming Today’ and ‘Gaming & You’ data discussions and their subsequent published reports have generated nearly two hundred pieces of global media coverage pushing the gamer voice to the fore across subjects such as microtransactions, the WHO Gaming Disorder classification, the positive benefits of gaming, game development, VR and more. 

Over 3000 comments and 13K poll results were generated with each comment on average over thirty times that of a typical tweet – revealing what the gaming community really thinks about a wide range of topics, and producing some incredibly powerful personal stories and considered responses to the key issues facing the industry. This rich conversational insight and combined with polling data from the heart of the community led to media coverage from major news outlets from around the world.

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