Having trouble satisfying your charter during COVID-19?

We have an accessible solution for collecting and analyzing public comments.

Observe pandemic social distancing standards while also satisfying the requirements of your charter for public comment by allowing the attendees to call in comments instead of meeting in person.

How Qutee Works for You
Create an Online Panel

Turn your existing social and CRM audience into an online panel today.

Influencer Audience Panels

Consumer research and create your own panel via an influencer audience.

Product Testing and Feedback

Collect industrial-scale product feedback within hours via your social and CRM audiences, or by using influencers.


Collect industrial-scale gamer feedback within hours then download your sentiment insights report. It’s that easy!


Provide the best commenting experience for your fans and collect valuable insights to help create better content.

Consumer Research via Your Website

Embed Qutee on the home website and make it the center of consumer engagement and research.

Use Across All Teams

Test and Create products that consumers love and promote. Collect operationally relevant consumer insights from day one thru the life cycle of the product.


Research your social / CRM and influencer audiences in the same day, and build a panel of your most passionate advocates.

Insights & Research

Go beyond social listening and collect more qualitative insights on an industrial scale while creating a panel of passionate fans you can engage and product research free of the restrictions of social media.

Competitor Analysis

Utilize influencer audiences via Qutee to collect competitor insights within hours.

Product Testing:

The smart and easy way.

The conversational research platform powered by AI analytics.

Use Cases
The Product

Qutee lets you have live conversations with the audiences that matter most to you while capturing additional poll and NPS feedback.

Using AI analytics, our platform analyzes the discussion, then creates a report from all the opinions and interactions in seconds, helping you identify key trends and representative comments across the most important topics

The Result

The more you understand your customers, social audiences and employees, the better products, companies, and experiences you can create.

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