Qutee user, Josh Spires from Australia, entered into a contest run by Qutee and one of our largest influencers, Marzbar–and he won! Here’s his story behind the passion he had for photography, and how the drone he won made big things possible!

In the Beginning

At the early age of 13, Josh had an interest in drones and created social media accounts solely focused on the latest drone news and releases. He explains,

“After I decided that I would start sharing the latest drone news for a few years (along with doing some small graphics work on the side), I came in contact with a company on Twitter by the name of 1 Martian Way who would later on host my website for me, which really kept me motivated to keep on going and not stop.

I also managed to put a Drone related group together from around the world, where we would discuss the latest in drones, confidential releases and much more. This group included 1 Martian Way, TurnCircles, Chordata Quads, Flybrix, inurZONE, TeraRanger, IDRL, and Freebird Flight to name a few.”

Image by Josh Spires

He’s a Winner!

Josh continued,

“Throughout all of this I’d been watching MarzBar, who I’d followed for about 3 years, and saw that a MarzBar and Qutee Drone giveaway had been announced; I was currently sticking to doing drone news on Twitter as I did not have the money to go out and buy a drone, so I decided to enter the giveaway. I went straight to Qutee, created my account and began sharing the latest drone news. Then the giveaway announcement was made, I rushed to my phone and saw a message from MarzBar. I didn’t believe it, so I went to Qutee.com. To my surprise, I had a message from Qutee saying ‘You have won the drone giveaway!’ I was so excited, I told everyone!”

Image by Josh Spires

Turning a Molehill into a Mountain

After waiting patiently for the resolution of some technical difficulties, Josh wasted no time purchasing a DJI Mavic Pro. He then went on to explain to us the amazing things he’s accomplished since then, including giving back to the community by posting his images on Unsplash.com (a free photo sharing website)Fast forward to around 6 months later, and he is now at over 9,300,000 views, with 3,700,000 of those gained in the last month!

When I bought the drone I thought it was going to be one of those things I was interested in for a few months and then would let sit in a corner (like I have done with many other things)… but I was wrong. Winning the giveaway and getting the drone was one the best things that could have happened to me! It has opened up this new place for me that I never knew existed. When I’m down I fly, when I’m bored I fly, when I’m alone I fly, no matter where or when I will always try to fly. It is almost like a getaway and a happy place for me.

Last, but Not Least: Job Security!

“Back in January of this year, I was watching Android Authority’s CES 2018 stream. In one of the streams, they had a guy by the name of Jonathan Feist, the head of Android Authority’s drone website, DroneRush.com. From this, I ventured to the website and found the ‘Work for us’ section and decided that I would just give it a go. I linked my Unsplash profile and my resume, and 3 months later I received an email from one of the Founders of Android Authority, asking to have a meeting with me. I was out of this world excited!
As you can tell the meeting went well and I now work for DroneRush.com producing news articles and interesting articles on drones.

In addition, I have also just received notice that I am nominated for Unsplash.com’s “Editor’s Choice: Most Downloaded Photo in 2018 | Spring”

I will always be thankful for MarzBar and the Qutee team for giving me the opportunity of being able to win a drone. This has definitely helped to kickstart my future in the photography and drone space. It has also given me the opportunity to be able to find a true passion of mine that most likely would have never arisen otherwise!

Image by Josh Spires

Josh says he has a lot more cool things coming soon, so stay tuned!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drone_nr

Instagram: https://instagram.com/drone_nr

Photos: https://unsplash.com/@drone_nr

Videos: https://youtube.com/c/dronenrofficial

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